The 员工教育 (WE) Center partners with employers to identify their training needs and provide customized training programs that culminate with a certificate, microcredential, 或其他认可的证书. These programs can be delivered in-person at your place of business, online, or at 在线赌博推荐. You can reach out to WE for more information about our corporate and customized training by calling 603-230-4022.

Our areas of training include, but are not limited to:

  • 领导及管理培训
  • 沟通和正念
  • 计算机基础培训
  • 医疗助理证书
  • 药学技术人员
  • 牙科的术语
  • 辅助专业组合研讨会

To offset the cost of training and to encourage employers to upskill their employees, the state has created WorkInvestNH (formerly known as the NH Job Training Fund), which covers up to 50% of the cost of employee training. 欲了解更多信息,请访问:  WorkInvestNH


Our customized training solutions are designed and delivered by high-caliber, 行业经验丰富的讲师. We work closely with your management to ensure training objectives incorporate real-world challenges and practical solutions.


  • 与你的战略目标一致 
  • 专注于核心业务能力
  • 实用且具成本效益
  • 客户驱动的
  • 结果集中
  • 灵活地减少停机时间
  • 合作鼓励团队合作

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Successful training initiatives are aligned with your company’s strategic goals. We will work with key managers and front-line employees to identify your business goals, 挑战和技能差距. Meetings, surveys, and interviews will help us understand the company structure, culture, and vision.

We will work closely with management to ensure that training objectives address real workplace performance issues. Training will be focused on solutions with the greatest return on investment. Our qualified and experienced instructors will deliver relevant training that incorporates sound adult learning techniques.

We will help you measure success with tools and reports. Our training programs are designed and implemented so as to produce measurable results in terms of increased productivity and customer satisfaction. Management training that doesn’t change behavior is simply corporate entertainment.

WE is located on the 在线赌博推荐 campus in Concord. We have a state-of-the-art computer lab and a large multipurpose classroom. Training can be provided at our location or on-site.

WE employs qualified instructors with extensive industry experience and expertise in adult learning delivery.

WE partners with UMI, a leader in professional level IT and business training programs. Instructors are currently employed in cutting-edge industry sectors. Individual courses or certificate programs are available.

管理培训:Front-Line Management and Project Management
Critical Thinking: Strategy and Application
Selecting for Excellence (Interviewing Strategies)
技术培训:MS Office应用程序



“从一开始, 在线赌博推荐是在线赌博推荐的第一名. 1选择. We focused our custom training on Management Fundamentals, 员工敬业度, and Process Improvement with a focus on securing a ‘big picture view’ of the company. We were extremely pleased by 在线赌博推荐’s ability to adapt to our needs and provide extremely qualified trainers.  The instructors provided useful tools we begin using on Day One and were extremely knowledgeable. We will definitely use 在线赌博推荐 for future training.”

——Emily Demas,人力资源多面手


在线赌博推荐在线赌博推荐合作开发了一种 制造基础课程 with blueprint reading, metrology, shop math, and geometric tolerancing.  This program allowed us to inject our own needs and requirements while promoting the basic fundamentals at every level – all of which is delivered from the comfort and convenience of our facility. We look forward to working with 在线赌博推荐 in the future.”

——Kerry Dubois,人力资源经理


“Teaming up with 在线赌博推荐 was great and a pleasure. Our custom training focused on improving customer service and communication, 建立成功的团队, 激励员工.  The instructors were all very informative and engaging. I would definitely like to work with 在线赌博推荐 again.” 

——雪莉·D. 戴维斯,运营总监


”Working with 在线赌博推荐 has been a great experience! Through our custom English for Health Science program, our participants learned medical terminology, 练习口头和书面英语技能, 培养了对自己能力的信心. 工作人员一直在 receptive to other ideas geared towards individuals in healthcare.”



“Four members of the Havenwood-Heritage Heights customer service leadership team completed the six-week Customer Service Specialist Certificate program. We received individualized attention that allowed us to apply the course content to our specific business needs. This was a great learning experience that will definitely add value to our organization.”

– Sandy Brien, SPHR, vice president of human resources


“The skills I gained in Teaching/Training Certificate Program are extremely valuable as a local business owner. The instructors were seasoned professionals from diverse content areas, 这创造了丰富的学习经验. The quality of what I deliver to my students and to my associates has greatly improved as a direct result of my participation in this program.”



“参加ASP.NET course has reinforced and further enhanced our ability to understand and fully convey the functionality, web design and development capabilities of the evolving ASP.微软网络框架 using practical skills development and knowledgeable guidance.”

——Brian Moran,副总裁兼首席运营官

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